An Object,
by virtue of having existed for centuries,
becomes a testament to

David Berti
David Berti

A long history of iron, fire and expertise.

Andrea Berti
Andrea Berti

Coltellerie Berti: handmade knives since 1895

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Berti: the Name, the surname,the

The Giolitti Law.

Stimulated by this new prosperity, during the second half of 1800 was attempted, with the establishment of various cooperative societies, to increase and improve production by using more modern machinery and new methods of working. Another setback to the production of cutting tools occurred in 1908 following the Law Giolitti which imposed severe restrictions on the length of knives that could lead freely. This law damaged especially Scarperia whose production was mainly composed of folding knives, almost all with the tip, for geographical areas where the highly rural practice of carrying a knife in his pocket was rooted.


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