Handmade knives since 1895

Our History

Coltellerie Berti began crafting knives in 1895. It was founded by David Berti and has for four generations been uninterruptedly producing hand crafted knives…first at the hands of David then Severino his son, then Alvaro, Severino’s son and up to the present day with Andrea, Alvaro’s son – the Berti family continues its Tradition in the same place with the same, almost religious observance of the craftsman art handed down from father to son for more than 100 years.

Old Tradition

We can not live without traditions. In abstract terms, it means that in the void of constantly changing times and cultures, each one of us needs some form of tangible point of reference to his own past, something authentic that has not changed will not change in time. A point of reference that helps us remember the world we come from and the values it inspired.

In concrete terms, the Berti Tradition reminds us that there are values which exist, different and more important than those offered by modern day consumerism; the global markets, low cost labour, the lack and loss of interest in maintaining something precious, the frantic acquisition and inevitable disposal of it. Traditional values on the contrary are those that speak of quality and individuality in a knife crafted for a specific job. They speak of the pleasure in cutting correctly while at the same time respecting ingredients and dishes and work in the kitchen. Traditions not only conserve the art of cutting but also the joy and interest in maintaining a knife crafted to last and not to be thrown away after a brief period of unsatisfactory use.

The Berti tradition respected by passing down and innovating the great “storehouse” of the knife collection, work methods and crafting skills which have been generated and conserved for over a century within the Berti family.

The knives at Coltellerie Berti may also cost more than knives produced by alternative artisan methods in so much as a strict observance of the Berti Tradition will not allow compromise or a reduction of production costs and consequently prices.

Our Production is aimed at all of those who instinctively recognise, from the heart, the extreme beauty and brilliance of the Berti Tradition and at those who recognise the need for and great value of a knife crafted to cut not only with care and precision but also one which is capable of reminding us who we are and where we come from.