Handmade work

Deposito della Tradizione della Famiglia Berti

Steel for the blades while Ox horn, Stag horn, Buffalo horn and bosso wood (boxwood) are used for the knife handles. And the method our Tradition requires is most importantly that each knife is the complete work of a sole craftsman. In other words, the hands that begin the work finish it. The work is not divided in the different phases and passed from worker to worker. Our method means that each and every knife crafted is appreciated for the uniqueness of its character, given by the harmony of its form and the minute detail bestowed by its craftsman – making it a testimony to the Berti Tradition. A ‘warehouse’ of tradition that turns a simple hand crafted knife into a genuine Berti knife.
The craftsmanship tradition at Berti means that in each of our knives there is the thought, the hand and the presence of a unique person. The family Tradition brings the work experience in to what is truly a human dimension rather than a narrow vision that is coldly technological, economistic and definitively dehumanising.