Handmade knives since 1895

Pocket knives

Each type of pocket knife, rigorously created by hand with the craftsmanship of local master cutlers, is available with different types of stainless steel blade. Also with regard to the handles, the materials available are various: from ox horn to wood, passing through resins in various colors. Collectible knives but also for every day, born to defy time.

Kitchen knives

Many people use only one knife to do everything in the kitchen. They don’t think about what they use to cut in the kitchen or on the table, and they always end up by complaining about the poor results of their cutting. Actually, every good cut starts out with the choice of the proper knife.


Table knives

The table knife is often the most overlooked when buying cutting tools for your home. We often let ourselves be guided more by the cheapness of the purchase than by the quality, ending up by choosing serrated blade knives.

Chefs & Designer

From the collaboration with some of the greatest Italian and international Chefs, the knife lines that bear their name were born: Gualtiero MarchesiErnst Knam, Lucio Pompili, Alessandro Gilmozzi, Giulio Iacchetti, Anna e Gianfranco Gasparini.


Special knives

This section is dedicated to those who have a passion for “Bien vivre” and love to surround themselves with the best tools to practice it: special knives for the table, cutting and spreading, for cured meats; steel and wooden corkscrews, sabers for the Champagne sabrage ritual … cigar cutters for lovers of long smoking, knives to cut soap.

Madagascar horn

A precious and beautiful material, wonderful on the table and in the kitchen: this is why we have selected this Collection of Complements, handcrafted and entirely in Madagascar. Because Traditions must be respected: even those of others.